Family Counseling
"Different perspective from usual counseling, liked that parents were
included at the end of sessions to know topics discussed."
Children &
Adolescent Groups
"Helped me with tools to use to help my child"
"Yes. It gave my son a break from the traditional one-on- one and allowed him and I the ability to reconnect."
"Gave an additional perspective from other parents facing similar issues."
"Felt very comfortable talking to other parents and received very useful information on how to help my child as well as all members of my family."
Individual &

"I liked that I could relate to the other members, it made me feel like I'm not
alone in my anxiety. I liked all of the handouts and techniques we went over"

Welcome To Genesis/Holistic Solutions Center of Baton Rouge, LLC

Genesis/Holistic Solutions of Baton Rouge is dedicated to assisting our clients in their efforts to live healthy and productive lives. We ensure that all clients and their families are treated with a high level of respect, integrity, and professionalism. The program incorporates the three fundamentals to establish a balanced life: MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.